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Parashat Ha-shavua - the Weekly Torah Reading -
An analysis of the parasha, incorporating innovative approaches as well as traditional commentaries.
       Instructor: Yeshiva Faculty
       Level: Advanced
       One hour
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Introduction to Parashat Ha-shavua
A beginners-level examination of the weekly Torah portion, discussing themes and teaching one how to learn parasha. (This series is a re-run of shiurim previously given.)
       Instructor: Rav Zvi Shimon
       Level: Beginner
       One hour

Melakhim Bet - The Second Book of Kings (cont.)
This course will employ techniques of literary analysis to illuminate the meaning of the Biblical text and to bring personalities and episodes to life. It will deal with the political and religious dilemmas faced by the leadership during the most tumultuous times from Chizkiyahu to the Churban of the First Temple period.
       Instructor: Rav Alex Israel
       Level: Intermediate
       One hour

Contemporary Issues in the Study of Tanakh (2)
Combining yirat shamayim and faithfulness to tradition with openness to modern scholarship, this course confronts burning questions facing students of Tanakh today, such as archaeology and the ancient Near East, higher and lower criticism, peshat and derash, the sins of biblical figures, and more.
       Instructor: Rav Amnon Bazak
       Level: Advanced
       One hour


Bein Adam Le-Chavero: Ethics of Interpersonal Conduct (3)
This course explores the details and multifaceted nature of the interpersonal mitzvot and illustrates how they inculcate heightened moral sensitivity.
       Instructor: Rav Binyamin Zimmerman
       Level: Intermediate
       One hour

Women and Mitzvot  
Through examining Talmudic discussions and halakhic decisions, this course will explore issues such as womens exemption from time-bound mitzvot; Torah study; Torah and megilla reading for women; mechitza; and more.
       Instructor: Rav Chaim Navon
       Level: Intermediate
       One hour
Laws of Blessings
This course moves from a discussion of the general principles governing the laws of berakhot to a focus on birkot ha-nehenin, the blessings recited before eating. Each topic examines both primary sources and practical applications.
       Instructor: Rav David Brofsky
       Level: Intermediate
       One hour

Jewish Philosophy

Sichot of the Roshei Yeshiva
Addresses (sichot) on the weekly parasha by the Roshei Yeshiva of Yeshivat Har Etzion, with a focus on the sichot of Harav Yehuda Amital zt"l.
       Level: all
       Half an hour

Structure and Meaning of the Daily Prayer
We will examine the structure of the daily prayer service, beginning with birkot hashachar and continuiing to the end, in order to understand the meaning of each unit and its place in the overall structure.
       Instructor: Rav Ezra Bick
       Level: All
       One hour

Before Sinai: Jewish Values and Jewish Law
Are there Jewish values and virtues that go beyond formal Jewish law? If so, from where can they be derived, and what are their implications for Jewish public and private life today? This series explores these questions through close readings of Tanakh, in-depth analyses of gemara and halakhot, modern discussions of ethics, and theological reflections.
       Instructor: Rav Dr. Judah Goldberg .
       Level: All
       One hour

Mikdash (7)
The course will examine the importance and role of the Temple in Tanakh, Halakha, Jewish philosophy, and history.
       Instructor: Rav Yitzchak Levi
       Level: All
       One hour


Gemara Sanhedrin
An analysis of the major issues in the gemara, geared for students who are learning the basic text on their own.
       Instructors: Yeshiva faculty
       Level: Advanced
       2-4 hours

Introduction to the Study of Talmud
A structured tutorial on how to learn Gemara, starting from the basics, using text and commentaries. This year we will study perek Arvei Pesachim. (This series is a re-run of shiurim previously given.)
       Instructor: Rav Ezra Bick
       Level: Beginner
      1-2 hours

Talmudic Methodology
A shiur using different talmudic topics to illustrate the nature of rabbinic legal thinking, emphasizing the analytic methods practiced in modern Yeshivot.
       Instructor: Rav Moshe Taragin
       Level: Intermediate
       One hour


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