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Introduction to Esther - On Hidden Reading of Biblical Narratives and the Book of Esther

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01ester.htm  Shiur #01: The Artistic Structure of the Book of Esther 28 KB
02ester.htm  Shiur #02: Timeframe and Chronology (Chapter 1) 101 KB
03ester.htm  Shiur #03: The Feast of Achashverosh and the Feast of Vashti (chapter 1) 76 KB
04ester.htm  Shiur #04: The King's Judgment: Responsible or Ridiculous Rule? 59 KB
05ester.htm  Shiur #05: Esther Is Taken to the King: The Treatment of Women 72 KB
06ester.htm  Shiur #06: Presentation of Mordekhai and Esther in Chapter 2 74 KB
07ester.htm  Shiur #07: The Attempted Rebellion Against the King, and the Promotion of Haman 52 KB
08ester.htm  Shiur #08: "Mordekhai Did Not Bow, Nor Did He Prostrate Himself" 61 KB
09ester.htm  Shiur #09: The Casting of the Lot 86 KB
10ester.htm  Shiur #10: Does The King Know of Haman's Decree? 100 KB
11ester.htm  Shiur #11: To Where Did Hatakh Disappear? 60 KB
12ester.htm  Shiut #12: Who is the Protagonist of Esther? 67 KB
13ester.htm  Shiut #13: Esther's Plan 61 KB
14ester.htm  Shiur #14: The Gallows 74 KB
15ester.htm  Shiur #15: Mordekhai is Led on Horseback 69 KB
16ester.htm  Shiur #16: Haman's Advisors: Fate vs. Divine Providence 55 KB
17ester.htm  Shiur #17: Esther's Second Party 64 KB
18ester.htm  Shiur #18: "Also Charvona Is Remembered for Good" 46 KB
19ester.htm  Shiur #19: Mordekhai in Haman’s House, and Esther Before the King Again 61 KB
20ester.htm  Shiur #20: Mordekhai's Letters 54 KB
21ester.htm  Shiur #21: "Nothing Failed of Every Good Thing…" (Yehoshua 21:43) 31 KB
22ester.htm  Shiur #22: Indiscriminate Slaughter? 54 KB
23ester.htm  Shiur #23: Stages of Acceptance of the Festival (chapter 9) 67 KB
24ester.htm  Shiur #24: Stages of Acceptance of the Festival (continued) 69 KB
25ester.htm  Shiur #25: The Greatness of the King, and the Greatness of Mordekhai (chapter 10) 64 KB
26ester.htm  Shiur #26: Summation 117 KB
27ester.htm  Shiur #27: From the "Literary Carnivalesque" to the "Theological Carnivalesque" 121 KB

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