The Gra's Legacy, by Rav Elyakim Krumbein


Filename Title
01gaon.htm The Gra, the Lithuanian Tradition, and Us: Questions Please!

The Beauty of the Torah

03gaon.htm The Plain Sense (Peshat) of the Text
04gaon.htm The Torah as a Single Identity
05gaon.htm The Gra as a Kabbalastic
06gaon.htm Toil and Labor
07gaon.htm Torah, Experience and Morality in the Thought of R. Chayyim of Volozhin
08gaon.htm Between Conservatism and Changes
09gaon.htm The Power of the Individual
10gaon.htm Separation from the Worldly (Perishut)
11gaon.htm A Dualist Outlook
12gaon.htm This World and the World-to-Come
13gaon.htm Man's Greatness and His Insignificance
14gaon.htm Rav Chayyim of Volozhin
15gaon.htm Torah and General Wisdom in the Teachings of the Gra
16gaon.htm Heavenly Wisdom and Earthly Wisdom
17gaon.htm The Pursuit of General Studies According the the Disciples of the Gra
18gaon.htm Englightment Versus Tradition: The Case of R. Yehoshua Heschel Levine
19gaon.htm The Gra's Teaching on Halakha and Custom
20gaon.htm The Blessing of "Yer'u Eineinu": A Test Case Regarding Customs
21gaon.htm "It Was Heaven That Prevented Him"
22gaon.htm The Gra's Commentary to the Shulchan Arukh