Introduction to Parashat Hashavua

Filename Title Author
24-71vayikra.htm The Secrets of the Sacrifices Rav Zvi Shimon
24-72vayikra.doc Is It a Sacrifice? Rav Alex Israel
24-59vayikra.doc Substituting Sefer Vayikra Rav Jonathan Mishkin
24-60vayikra.doc The Sacrificial Service Rav Michael Hattin
24-73vayikra.htm The 'Korban' and the Service of the Heart Rav Michael Hattin
24-62vayikra.rtf Introducing the Sacrificial Service Rav Michael Hattin
24-63vayikra.rtf The Service of Sincerity Rav Michael Hattin
24-64vayikra.rtf Introduction to the Sacrifices, Part 1 Rav Michael Hattin
24-65vayikra.htm The Law of the Sacrifices Rav Michael Hattin
24-66vayikra.htm The Mincha or Meal Offering Rav Michael Hattin
24-67vayikra.htm The Service of Sincerity Rav Michael Hattin
24-68vayikra.htm What is Being Offered Rav Yaakov Beasley
24-69vayikra.htm WHEN PEOPLE ERR Rav Yaakov Beasley
24-70vayikra.htm The Ancient World, the Korbanot, and the Rambam Rav Yaakov Beasley
25-71tzav.htm The Prohibition of Eating Blood Rav Zvi Shimon
25-72tzav.doc The Meaning of Chametz Rav Alex Israel
25-59tzav.doc The Meaning of Blood Rav Jonathan Mishkin
25-62tzav.doc The Eternal Flame Rav David Silverberg
25-73tzav.htm The Command Concerning the Perpetual Fire Rav Michael Hattin
25-68tzav.htm You Are What You Eat Rav Yaakov Beasley
25-70tzav.htm BEING HOLY AND THE KORBAN MINCHA Rav Yaakov Beasley
26-71shemini.htm Playing With Fire Rav Michael Hattin
26-72shmini.doc Death In The Sanctuary Rav Alex Israel
26-71shemini.htm Sound of Silence Rav Jonathan Mishkin
26-73shemini.htm The Laws of 'Tuma' and 'Tahara' Rav Michael Hattin
26-63shemini.rtf The Laws of Kashrut, Part 1 Rav Michael Hattin
26-64shemini.rtf Introduction of the Sacrifices, Part 2 Rav Michael Hattin
26-65shemini.htm The Fire of Nadav and Avihu Rav Michael Hattin
26-68shemini.htm Acceptance and Defiance Rav Yaakov Beasley
26-69shemini.htm KASHRUT AND UNDERSTANDING – Part One Rav Yaakov Beasley
26-70shemini.htm Don't Drink and Daven Rav Yaakov Beasley
27-71tazria.htm A Life and Death Situation Rav Zvi Shimon
27-58tazmet.doc Parashat Tazria-Metzora Rav Ezra Bick
27-59tazria.doc Parashat Tazria Rav Jonathan Mishkin
27-73tazmet.htm 'Tuma' and Human Potential Rav Michael Hattin
27-62tazria-metzora.rtf The Affliction of 'Tzara'at' Rav Michael Hattin
27-63tazaria.rtf The Laws of Kashrut, Conclusion Rav Michael Hattin
27-64tazria-metzora.rtf Introduction of the Sacrifices, Conclusion Rav Michael Hattin
27-65tazria.htm Making a Case for Tzara'at Rav Michael Hattin
27-66tazria-metzora.htm The Tale of Na'aman Rav Michael Hattin
27-67tazria-metzora.htm Echoes of Tragedy Rav Michael Hattin
27-68tazria.htm The Seforno and Tzara’at Rav Yaakov Beasley
27-69tazria.htm KASHRUT AND UNDERSTANDING – Part Two Rav Yaakov Beasley
27-70taz-metz.htm Connecting Childbirth and Circumcision Rav Yaakov Beasley
28-65metzora.htm The Purification Rights of the Metzora Rav Michael Hattin
29-60acharei.doc More on the Sacrificial Service Rav Michael Hattin
29-62achareikedoshim.doc Parashot Acharei Mot - Kedoshim Rav David Silverberg
29-64acharei mot-kedoshim.rtf The Sanctity of the Land Rav Michael Hattin
29-67acharei-kedoshim.htm The Case for Bezalel Rav Michael Hattin
29-68achareimot.htm Arayot of Acherei Mot; Arayot of Kedoshim Rav Yaakov Beasley
29-69acharei-ked.htm INNER AND OUTER DIMENSIONS OF HOLINESS Rav Yaakov Beasley
29-70acharei-kedoshim.htm Enter the Kodesh, If You Can Rav Yaakov Beasley
30-57kedoshim.htm Holiness Rav Zvi Shimon
30-72kedos.doc God In The Real World Rav Alex Israel
30-59kedosh.doc Holy- How? Rav Jonathan Mishkin
30-60kedoshim.doc Love Your Fellow As Yourself Rav Michael Hattin
30-73kedoshim.doc The Mikva and the Mikdash Rav Michael Hattin
30-71kedoshim.htm The Prohibition of Sha'atnez Rav Michael Hattin
30-65kedoshim.htm "Kedoshim Tihiyu" - "You Shall Be Holy" Rav Michael Hattin
30-68kedoshim.htm From the Courtroom to the Community Rav Yaakov Beasley
31-71emor.htm The Counting of the Omer Rav Zvi Shimon
31-72emor.doc Kiddush Hashem - Advertising for God Rav Alex Israel
31-59emor.doc The Widow and the Divorcee Rav Jonathan Mishkin
31-60emor.doc The Holiday Cycle Rav Michael Hattin
31-73emor.htm The Festival of the Harvest Rav Michael Hattin
31-63emor.rtf The Prohibition of Corpse Defilement Rav Michael Hattin
31-64emor.rtf The Blasphemer Rav Michael Hattin
31-66emor.htm Blemishes of the Priests Rav Michael Hattin
31-67emor.htm The Festival of the Harvest Rav Michael Hattin
31-68emor.htm Holiness and the Blasphemer Rav Yaakov Beasley
31-69emor.htm TIME, SPACE, AND THE SHAVUOT BRIDGE Rav Yaakov Beasley
31-70emor.htm The Law of ‘Lex Talionis’ in Parashat Emor Rav Yaakov Beasley
32-71behar.htm "And On The Seventh - A Sabbath"   The Miracles of Shemitta and Manna Rav Avi Baumol
32-72behar.doc Utopia Rav Alex Israel
32-59behar.doc Great Expectations Rav Jonathan Mishkin
32-60behar.doc The Sabbatical Year Rav Michael Hattin
32-62beharbechukotai.doc Shemitta and the Yovel:Reaffirming God's Dominion Over the Land Rav David Silverberg
32-63behar.rtf The Duality of Shemitta Rav David Silverberg
32-64behar.rtf The Conditionals Associated With The Land" Rav Michael Hattin
32-65behar.htm "God Spoke to Moshe and Mount Sinai..." Rav Michael Hattin
32-73behar-bechuk.htm Context and Content Rav Michael Hattin
32-67behar-bechuk.htm The Promise of an Afterlife Rav Michael Hattin
32-68behar.htm Shemitta's Vanishing Axiology Rav Yaakov Beasley
33-71bechuk.doc Reward and Punishment In This World Rabbi Barry Kornblau
33-72bechuk.doc Paradise Rav Alex Israel
33-60bechuk.doc The Blessings Rav Michael Hattin
33-63bechukotai.rtf The Blessings of This World Rav Michael Hattin
33-65bechukotai.htm The Section of Admonition Rav Michael Hattin
33-68bechukotai.htm Back to Sinai, Forward to Israel Rav Yaakov Beasley
32-69behar-bechuk.htm REDEEMING HOUSES AND SELVES Rav Yaakov Beasley
32-70behar-bechuk.htm The Crushing Labor that the Egyptians did to us Rav Yaakov Beasley