The Israel Koschitzky Virtual Beit Midrash


The Israel Koschitzky Virtual Beit Midrash

TORAH LISHMAH, by Rav Elyakim Krumbein


Filename Title Size
01lishmah.htm Shiur #01: Why Our Generation Needs Torah Lishmah 48 KB
02lishmah.htm Shiur #02: Lishmah - In the Mind or in the Heart? 69 KB
03lishmah.htm Shiur #03: To Learn with Involvement 37 KB
04lishmah.htm Shiur #04: Intellect and Emotion – Alliance or Conflict? 40 KB
05lishmah.htm Shiur #05: Torah for Torah’s Sake: Peak or Anti-Climax? 79 KB
06lishmah.htm Shiur #06: Learning Fueled by Love 56 KB
07lishmah.htm Shiur #07: Where Does “Involvement” Come From? 79 KB
08lishmah.htm Shiur #08: Intellect and Emotion In Torah Study - A Restless Symbiosis 71 KB
09lishmah.htm Shiur #09: Emotional Processes In Torah Lishmah 39 KB
10lishmah.htm Shiur #10: Volozhin In Transition 212 KB
11lishmah.htm Shiur #11: Piety At Volozhin: A Diminished Presence 52 KB
12lishmah.htm Shiur #12: The Genesis of Rav Kook's Views On Torah Lishmah 37 KB
13lishmah.htm Shiur #13: Torah - An Intellectual Ivory Tower? 70 KB
14lishmah.htm Shiur #14: The Blessing Over Torah As A Key To Its Meaning 55 KB
15lishmah.htm Shiur #15: The Ethical Foundation Of Torah And Its Study 61 KB
16lishmah.htm Shiur #16: The Challenge of Identifying With the Spirit of the Torah 42 KB
17lishmah.htm Shiur #17: "Belovedness" versus "Alienation" 54 KB
18lishmah.htm Shiur #18: Bittul Torah As An Existential Problem 22 KB
19lishmah.htm Shiur #19: Torah Lishmah and Psychological Wholeness 69 KB
20lishmah.htm Shiur #20: Perspective on the "Horizon" 60 KB
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