The Israel Koschitzky Virtual Beit Midrash


The Israel Koschitzky Virtual Beit Midrash


by Rav Reuven Ziegler


1. Bibliographical Supplement
2. His Life and Thought, Part 1
3. His Life and Thought, Part 2
4. The Community
5. The Community Part 2
6. "Majesty and Humility"
7. "Majesty and Humility" Part 2
8. "Catharsis," Part 1
9. Sanctity and the Body - The Catharsis of Physical Existence
10. Catharsis of the Emotions
11. The Need for Inwardness
12. Torah and Humility
13. Torah and Humility Part 2
14. Intellect and Experience
15. The Need for Action
16. Catharsis of the Intellect and of the Religious Experience
17. "The Lonely Man of Faith" Part 1 - Presenting the Problem
18. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 2 - Defining the Two Adams
19. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 3 - Two Types of Community
20. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 4 - A Perpetual Dialectic
21. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 4 - A Perpetual Dialectic
22. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 5 - The Subversion of Religion
23. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 6a - The Autonomy of Faith
24. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 6b - The True Challenge Facing the Modern Believer
25. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Conclusion) Part 7 – The Autonomy of Faith: Practical Consequences

These 25 shiurim served as the basis for the first half of Rav Reuven Ziegler's book:

Majesty and Humility: The Thought of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik

Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik was not only one of the outstanding Talmudists and religious leaders of the twentieth century, but also one of its most creative and seminal Jewish thinkers. This comprehensive study of Rabbi Soloveitchik's religious philosophy offers a broad perspective and balanced understanding of his work. By interpreting and analyzing both individual essays and overarching themes in an accessible and engaging manner, it uncovers the depth, majesty and fascination of his thought.


''Rabbi Ziegler's Majesty and Humility constitutes a meaningful contribution to our corpus of Jewish religious thought... Readers familiar with both the Rav's persona and his writing will be favorably impressed by the sensitivity manifested in the book -- both that of its author and that of his subject.... Such a study must be judged by the quality of its content, by the incisiveness of its insight, by the depth of its probes, by its innovative clarity.... I trust that my vote of confidence in this opus is fully justified, as it is indeed deserving of high regard with respect to the foregoing criteria.'' --Rabbi Dr. Aharon Lichtenstein, Rosh Ha-Yeshivah, Yeshivat Har Etzion

''This volume is an ideal entree into Rabbi Soloveitchik's thought but is even more than that. By skillfully drawing connections between various writings, by clarifying many challenging ideas and passages, and by integrating the Rav's life with his thought, Rabbi Ziegler presents fresh, penetrating perspectives and insights that will enlighten even seasoned readers. The author makes demanding philosophical works exciting and accessible. All who care about Jewish thought should read this outstanding work.'' --Professor David Shatz

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