Megillat Ruth, by Dr. Yael Ziegler

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01ruth.htm Why Was this Megilla Written? 68 KB
02ruth.htm Megillat Ruth and the Book of Shoftim: Part I 93 KB
03ruth.htm Megillat Ruth and the Book of Shoftim: Part II 129 KB
04ruth.htm The Roots of Megillat Ruth: Lot and Avraham 93 KB
05ruth.htm The Days of the Judging of the Judges 79 KB
06ruth.htm The Family of Elimelekh: The Good, the Bad and the Sinful 86 KB
07ruth.htm What's in a Name? 82 KB
08ruth.htm Naomi: The Wife of Elimelekh 63 KB
09ruth.htm Of Mothers-in-Law and Daughters-in-Law 59 KB
10ruth.htm Ruth and Conversion 104 KB
11ruth.htm Naomi's Arrival in Bethlehem 96 KB
12ruth.htm Introducing the Hero: Who is Boaz Part I 70 KB
13ruth.htm Introducing the Hero: Who is Boaz Part II 74 KB
14ruth.htm Ruth the Moavite in the Fields of Bethlehem 70 KB

 Boaz Welcomes Ruth to Bethlehem

80 KB
16ruth.htm The Well Scene: A Betrothal 93 KB
17ruth.htm Ruth and Chana: Mothers in Israel 67 KB
18ruth.htm The Problem of Sustenance 66 KB
19ruth.htm The Rebirth of Hope 78 KB
20ruth.htm Ruth the Moavite 59 KB
21ruth.htm Naomi, Tamar, and Lot’s Daughters: Continuity at All Cost  81 KB
22ruth.htm An Immodest Proposal 98 KB
23ruth.htm Boaz’s Extraordinary Restraint 83 KB
24ruth.htm “I am Ruth:” Self-Identity and Transformation 62 KB

Ruth’s Redemption 

57 KB
26ruth.htm Ruth: The Woman of Valor 64 KB
27ruth.htm Ruth and Naomi: Resolution 69 KB
28ruth.htm Boaz and Ploni Almoni 77 KB
29ruth.htm A Matter of Law: Elimelekh’s Field 76 KB
30ruth.htm Perpetuating the Name: The Levirate Marriage 100 KB
31ruth.htm Levirate Marriage in Megillat Ruth 91 KB
32ruth.htm Boaz: If the Go’el’s Shoe Fits… 94 KB
33ruth.htm Redemption, Acquisitions, and Blessings 68 KB
34ruth.htm A Blessing on Both Your Houses: Rachel and Leah 63 KB
35ruth.htm Naomi’s Child: The Movement toward Kingship 85 KB
36ruth.htm Linguistic Mirroring: A Harmonious Story, Part I 87 KB
37ruth.htm Actions and Rewards: A Harmonious Story, Part II 173 KB
38ruth.htm Methodology and Concluding Remarks 101 KB