Sefer Yehoshua, by Rav Michael Hattin

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01intro.rtf Introduction 24 KB

Chapter 1: The Transition of Leadership

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Conclusion of Chapter 1: Yehoshua Assumes Leadership

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04josh2.rtf Chapter 2: The Sending of the Spies to Yericho 28 KB

Chapter 2 Conclusion: Rachav and the Spies

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06joshchap3.rtf Chapter 3: Crossing the Yarden with the Ark of the Covenant 29 KB
07chp3concl.rtf Chapter 3 Conclusion: Crossing the Yarden – The Theme of Passage 34 KB

Chapter 4: Revisiting the Yarden Crossing

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09joshchp4concl.rtf Chapter 4 Conclusion: The Memorial of the Twelve Stones 33 KB
10josh-ch5.rtf Chapter 5: The Rite of Circumcision at the Yarden 24 KB
11joshch5concl.rtf Chapter 5 Conclusion: Circumcision and the Land of Canaan 34 KB

Chapter 5 Finale: The Paschal Lamb, the Manna, and the Termination of Sefer Yehoshua's First Section

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13joshch6.rtf Chapter 6: The Angel of the Lord and the Battle of Yericho 23 KB

Chapter 6 Conclusion: The Fall of Yericho

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15joshchp7.rtf Chapter 7: Israel's First Setback 27 KB

Chapter 7 Conclusion: The Trespass of Achan

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17yehoshuachapter8.rtf Chapter 8: The Victory Over the A'I 24 KB

Chapter 8 Conclusion: The King of A'I and the Altar at Mount Eval

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Chapter 9: The Duplicity of the Giv'onites

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Chapter 9 Conclusion: The War of Conquest and the Pretense of the Giv'onites
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Chapter 10: Miracles and Men

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Chapter 11: Divine Design and Human Initiative

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Chapter 12: The War Against the Canaanites, Part 1

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Chapter 12: The Canaanites and Morality, Part 2

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Chapter 12: Conclusion: The Moral War

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26syehoshua chapter 13.rtf

Chapter 13: The Process of Settling the Land of Canaan

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27yehoshuachap14.rtf Chapter 14: Calev and the Journey to Chevron 26 KB

Chapter 15: The Tribal Boundaries of Yehuda

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Chapters 16-17 - Part 1: Yehuda and Yosef

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30yehoshua chap16 and 17conclusion.rtf

Chapters 16-17 - Part 2: The Tribe of Yosef

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Chapter 18 Part 1: The Tabernacle at Shilo

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32yehoshuachap18b and 19.rtf

Chapter 18 Conclusion and Chapter 19: The Tribal Territories

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33yehoshua chapters 20 and 21.rtf Chapters 20 and 21: The Cities of Refuge and the Cities of the Leviim 30 KB
34yehoshua chapter 22.rtf

Chapter 22: Settling the Lands East of the Jordan

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35yehoshua chapter 23.rtf

Chapter 23:Yehoshua Addresses the People

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36yehoshua chapter 24.rtf

Chapter 24:Yehoshua's Final Address

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